“…clever fantasy thriller…an ingenious narrative measured out in unhurried yet always-engaging terms.” – Dennis Harvey,  Variety

“Smartly constructed and snappily acted, there is a lot to like about TIME LAPSE…unfolds like a Hitchcockian origami sculpture…able to lead you down a path of madness in a calculated and fascinating manner…it’s a true treasure find for those who live on thrillers dripping with suspense and tension.”  – Mark Miller aka Ambush Bug,  Ain’t It Cool News

“Sci-Fi fans are going to eat this one up and the cult classic talk will be coming. There is no way this film is not going to be on a lot of people’s best of 2015 list.”  – James DePaolo, Wicked Channel

“This film is a slick sci-fi thriller that entertains on every level…this tale is a carefully constructed and well-executed thriller that will keep you riveted until the end.” – Matthew Scott Baker, Shattered Ravings

“This film is a slick sci-fi thriller that entertains on every level…It is simply that good.”Matthew Scott Baker, Shattered Ravings

“….a great little sci-fi gem that plays with time paradoxes while adding elements of a self-contained paranoia thriller.”   – Travis Hopson, Examiner

“Time Lapse is a Mind-Blowing Tour de Force…keeps the tension and suspense flowing at a steady pace…it’s a movie that was created to make you think…”   – James McDonald, MoviePilot

“I think fans of PRIMER or COHERENCE…are really going to enjoy this film. It’s a bit of a brainwreck, with a fair dose of hitchcockery thrown in.” – Bears Fonté, Austin Chronicle

“…darkly inventive, black as pitch science fiction film…I found the film to be fascinating.”  – Grey, Modern Horrors

“What I was not expecting was how brilliantly this plot would unfold; the writing, acting, and direction are simply astounding.”   – Adam Ruhl, Pop Culture Beast

“The script here is a beauty that finds new ways to look at time travel causality…plays with the established rules in ways that are clever, consistent, and yield brilliant results.” – Kurt Halfyard, Twitch

“…little sci-fi indie that is surprisingly good…this film does a great job of slowly turning the screws as our characters find themselves in more and more trouble. This is one that is worth tracking down.” – Mike Spring, Times Union

Time Lapse is top notch indie cinema. A must-see hidden gem.” – Mike Pereira, Bloody Disgusting

“…a compelling tale…there is something for just about every genre fan here…”   – Summer Brooks, Slice Of SciFi

“…Time Lapse allows these events to unravel at a deliberate, measured pace, letting the conflict stew and bubble…the tension in King and co-writer BP Cooper’s script gradually ratchets up. They’re meticulous in turning the screws, dropping hints, laying the groundwork, letting the characters simmer until they’re pushed to the point where they can’t help but boil over.”   – Paste Magazine

“…takes center stage delivering a cool ride into danger.”  – John Delia, Aced Magazine

“The result is a smart and gripping film that fans of Timecrimes or Primer will enjoy…” Moviescope

“It’s compelling, entertaining and fast-moving…provides an interesting twist on the time travel genre.”  – Jeff Owens, Booom Howdy

“A terrific, tight and twisted time travel thriller…” – Dave Ollerton, The London Film Review

“Fans of Convergence or Plus One will really get a charge out of this cool film…This is one that is worth tracking down.”  – Mike Spring,

“A super fun genre exercise, a thriller that reminded me of Timecrimes and old-school Twilight Zone episodes.” – Dave Chen, Slashfilm

“An intriguing movie that gets more intriguing with every moment that you watch…Do yourself a favor and check out this movie. This is a hidden treasure.”  – Nick Iacobucci, We Live Film

“…a perfectly freakish thriller that puts a new spin on time-travel mindfuckery…blends single-setting suspense with sci-fi tension…makes for a surprisingly neat watch.”  – Matt Donato, We Got This Covered 

“A stellar sci-fi film…I absolutely applaud it and it deserves all the best for being so unique.” – Ruca Real Reviews

“TIME LAPSE is tightly knit and fast paced science fiction thriller…”  – Celluloid Terror

“Bradley King and BP Cooper have put together an impeccable story…If there’s any sci-fi/thriller worth seeing this year, Time Lapse makes the cut.” – Nathania Wreh, IX

“All you want to do is watch, enthralled, to find out what happens in the end.”  – Yell Magazine

“As you enter the 3rd act the film is full force and fills the viewer with tension and curiosity.”  – Xander Kane, Killer Reviews

“Having watched it twice, I think they [King & Cooper] nailed it.” – Tim Cogshell, 89.3 KPCC Filmweek

“This is not a must see, this is a shut off your computer right now and pre-order it immediately.”  – James D, WickedChannel

“A clever chiller thriller…rich story elements and tense twists and turns…playful unpredictability that gives Time Lapse its can’t-take-your-eyes-off-it fun factor.”  Jason Coleman, Star Pulse

“…well constructed time travel thriller…Time Lapse is alluring and addictive.”  Erik Samdahl, Filmjabber

“Grounded by great performances and a well constructed story, Time Lapse provides an interesting and original take on the time travel trope not to mention a story that is ripe for repeat viewings.”  – Maria Antunes, Quiet Earth

“…offers a nifty little time paradox story…the plot twists around on itself unexpectedly.”  – Mark Leeper, Mark Leeper’s Reviews

“…satisfies on various levels whether you’re a fan of sci-fi, thrillers, or just some good ol’ movie going fun.” – Michael Nank, Examiner

“Together with Coherence and Predestination, Time Lapse is the latest example of thought-provoking sci-fi that doesn’t pander to its audience: perceptive viewers that have more sophistication than some filmmakers or studios give them credit for.” – Katie of The Horror Honeys

“Tightly executed by King, it is a worthy addition to the growing time travel canon. Recommended with a good deal of enthusiasm..”  – J.B. Spins Movie Blog

“…not just a great genre film, but it is a great film, and a great example of indie filmmaking.” AMFM Magazine

“…the plot progresses assuredly and persuasively…The biggest surprise is how the story continues to unsettle after it ends.”  – Martin Tsai, The Los Angeles Times  

“Crisp dialogue, thoughtful cinematography, convincing acting, a sharp score, and a wildly entertaining concept keep this one clicking right along.” – Warren Cantrell, Scene Stealers

“A good story and character-driven film…a great look at how something can ruin people, their relationships and their character.”  – Jerry Smith,  Icons of Fright

“Time Lapse takes a tip from Primer, and makes a smart time travel film on a low budget.”  – Juliana, Shockya

“A nifty little cross between Primer and Shallow Grave, with a central MacGuffin that manages to maintain its plausibility until the credits roll.” – Andrew Wright, The Stranger

“…nice piece of nail-biting drama that complements a sci-fi film…results in a solid payoff…”  – Matt Boiselle, Dread Central 

“…does a great job at building suspense and keeping the audience of guard…impressing little Sci-Fi with plenty of drama and thrills to keep you engaged the entire time.”  – Patrick Ricketts, Video Views

“Time Lapse is high concept fun that leads the pack as the best suspense thriller of the year.” – Ian Sedensky, Culture Crypt

“A tightly-wound psychological thriller/sci fi film…combines the voyeurism of Rear Window with the futurism-as-an-idea of an episode of ‘The Twilight Zone.” – Chris Burlingame, The Sunbreak

“A very smart little film…very competent…” – Wade Major, 89.3 KPCC Filmweek

“It’s disturbing, suspenseful and exactly what you’d expect from a Hitchcockian sci-fi thriller.” – Drive-In Zeppelin

“For fans who loved Donnie Darko and the darkness it created with its title character, you are going to love Time Lapse.  – James DePaolo, Wicked Channel

“Highly recommended as one of the best movies I’ve ever seen, this one can easily be the best one in 2014 Fantasia Film Festival.” – Never Think Impossible

“The screenplay on display here is twisty, clever, and ingeniously injected with humorous wit.” – Thy Critic Man

“It’s one of those films that you wish would go on forever.” – Susan May, An Adventure In Film

“TIME LAPSE is a must see for ALL fans of science fiction.” – Caramie, Caramie’s Zone

“…an intense little unexpected film.” – Francis Barbier, Devildead

“Tightly executed by King, it is a worthy addition to the growing time travel canon. Recommended with a good deal of enthusiasm…” – Libertas Film Magazine

“…a fun, tight thriller that uses both its resources and limitations to its advantage.” – Brent McKnight, Giant Freakin Robot

“10 Great Time Travel Movies” – Dave Ollerton, The London Film Review

“Time Lapse is a pleasant surprise and festival darling of a small-budget film…engaging situations that build tension, and a great little ending that’s pretty satisfying.”  Lisa Pasonelli, The Critical Critics

“Tautly directed and magnificently acted, Time Lapse is as good, if not better than most studio pictures that might have attempted similar high concept approaches.” – Greg Klymkiw, The Film Corner

“…a heck of a good time and smart enough  to satisfy the secret inner nerd in me. – Imaginary Rich, Three Imaginary Girls

“Time Lapse is a violent and gripping sci-fi thriller. It had me on the edge of my seat wondering how everything was going to wrap up. – Tyler Doupé, Wicked Horror

“Time Lapse is a clever and intriguing modern tale that packs a punch.”Try The Other Guy

“I highly recommend you go check this movie out.” – Mr. Green, Geek Hard

“The result is a cleverly wrought thriller that keeps viewers guessing at every turn.” – Aaron Christensen, Horrorhound Magazine

“…the film is a great example of what can be done with a small budget and limited resources but an intelligent script in the hands of a good director.” – Cineblog Italy

“…what King does is supply a nice piece of nail-biting drama that complements a sci-fi film…” – Matt Boiselle, Dread Central

“Time Lapse is distinguished by its originality and daring.” – Cyril Maucort, Au Cafe des Loisirs

“It’s Marty McFly in another dimension, one where Rod Serling dwells, with a faint hint of Hitchcock’s Rear Window.” – Talia Soghomonian, Collider

“Very smart, and guaranteed to leave audiences discussing the film well into the night.” – Toronto Film Scene

“This clever and original film is just another example that proves filmmakers don’t need a big budget and visual spectacle to create an engrossing piece of science fiction.”   – Marc Ferman, Popcorn Nights

“Everything in this movie is spot on, the acting, the directing, the tension and the surprise twists that manifest themselves in every crevice of the story, waiting to jump out and take you by surprise.”  – James McDonald, The Irish Film Critic

“Definitely worth checking out.” – Jason of New Movie Friday

“This tale is a carefully constructed and well-executed thriller that will keep you riveted until the end.”   – Matthew Scott Baker, Shattered Ravings

“This is one of the most heart-pounding movies I’ve ever seen.” – Daniel G., TeenTix

….Time Lapse works due to both their [King & Cooper] escalating pileup of well-thought-out complications and credible character psychologies nicely communicated by expert performances.  – Dennis Harvey,  Variety

“Proof once again that a strong idea, well written, directed and acted can work out just as well if not better as bigger budget counterparts…Time Lapse is a dark, independently produced gem of a sci-fi thriller.”  – Dave Ollerton, The London Film Review

“Sci fi geeks will lap up the tantalizing theories…” – Shane Marais, Movies I’ve Seen

“…one of the most ingeniously plotted thrillers in recent memory.” – Steve Snyder, TCFF

“….a taut, modest sci-fi thriller…A second viewing will reveal the trail of clues that King and Cooper sprinkle to mark their trail, but as these hints unravel they come as surprises…Time Lapse is definitely one to check out…” – Brent McKnight, Paste Magazine

“A brain-twisting thriller…” – William Moore, London Evening Standard

“I can’t compliment Time Lapse without talking about the phenomenal character development and the amazing cast.” – Kim Lo, Tranquil Dreams

“Strong science-fiction and time-travel thrillers are a rarity these days, but Time Lapse is set to change that notion by offering something truly worthwhile.”  – Louise Scalise, Thy Critic Man

“….kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time. A Time Travel movie that actually makes perfect sense.” – One Minute Movie Reviews